Social Help for Women Householders

"Creation of Opportunities for Employment and Self-employment of Marginalized Youth"

Created in June 8th, 1998, NSGK is a non-profit organization that advocates and give support to voulnerable women and youth. It has 147 members and 200 volunters, a permanent staff of 5 persons and part time staff of 10. It has implemented 45 projects during its 20 years of experience, 22 projects in youth and women empowerment, 13 projects in youth and women employment and/or selfemployment, 20 projects in social inclusion.

"The targeted youth come from very poor families, obliged to drop out from school and engage in black market work or worse, in illicit activities. In the view of the fast economic and social change of Albanian society, this youth is often object of discrimination in the labor market, forgotten and left to deal with many difficulties at a very young age. Especially young women are forced to marry young, and in worst cases divorced with children and without any financial support. They need opportunities to gain confidence in themselves, gain some basic work skills, some are innovative and need skills in enterpreneurship and start ups."

The aim of the projects is create opportunities for employment/self-employment of marginalised youth. The objectives include capacity building in work skills of marginalised youth, capacity building in creating start ups of marginalized youth, creating models of employment of marginalised youth in local businesses, creating a network of collaboration with local stakeholders to support marginalised youth employment and self-employment.

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In partnership with: NGO Regional Development Agency (RDA) (Albania)

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