Center for Educational and Development Initiatives "INNOVA LAB"

"HEI Student Internship in NGOs - Towards a Functional Bridge Across WB (HEIntern<>NGO)"

INNOVA LAB is a relatively young non-governmental, non-profit youth organization registered in 2017. The mission of the Center is to create innovative educational and development initiatives in order to increase the opportunities for employment of young people. INNOVA LAB encourages its members to participate in training, workshops, and projects related to many topics such as entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation, leadership, development of "soft skills" teamwork, discrimination, media literacy, hate speech, democracy, and many others.

"We see the future in those students contributing back to the academy with practical knowledge and enhancing (along with their mentors) the other internship practices, as well as empowering their internal motivation to uptake future challenges as entrepreneurs, civil society active members, volunteers through merit-based value co-creation."

The main goal of this project includes learning by doing - improving youth knowledge, skills and competences to dive-into real-life action firsthand, guided by practitioner/academic mentors, encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives and proactivity among young people in WB, especially from rural areas. The favorable aspect is that the remuneration for the intern will cover transportation and basic expenses which are very necessary for regional daily travel and commuting, first-hand experience in preparation of a project proposal, events organization, multiple stakeholder communication, creating a functional and sustainable bridge between academia and NGO sector.

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In partnership with: Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania (Albania)

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