Online Final Event - HEIntern<>NGO

Online final event of the project “HEI Student Internship in NGOs - towards a functional bridge across WB” organized by INNOVA LAB Bitola

INNOVA LAB Bitola has organized an online final event on ZOOM platform for the project "HEI Student Internship in NGOs - towards a functional bridge across WB(HEIntern<>NGO)" on 27th July 2020. It was attended by 45 participants, young people (students and high school students), representatives of civil society organizations and representatives of higher education institutions.

The project coordinator prof.dr. Monika Angeloska-Dichovska presented the concept, objectives and results of the project HEIntern<>NGO.  The partner organization - Institute for Change and leadership Albania represented by Entela Kaleshi, MSc-a mentor and the Western Balkan Alumni Association (WBAA) - represented by Kludja Koci, MSc- a mentor, gave their review of a partnership and project participation.

Macedonian mentors – prof. dr. Elizabeta Tosheva (NGO mentor and a president of INNOVA LAB Bitola) and prof.dr. Renata Petrevska Neckovska (an academic mentor and a representative of WBAA) highlighted the benefits of an internship mentoring process for all parties involved in and shared their experience.

The interns Filip Taskovski, Emilija Geroska, Hristina Gelevska, Martina Krstevska, Gabriela Arginovska and Anasatasija Dojcinovska shared their internship experience with the audience, emphasized the benefits of it and conveyed a message to young people to take advantage of such opportunities.

The 8 templates created from the project have been presented on the final event in order to give an overview of the internship process under mentorship in the non-governmental sector, along with the publication named "Guide for internships and career development of young people in the countries of Western Balkans", and the results of internship activities displayed through numbers. Special emphasis was put on recommendations and the research of the project and the importance of an internship in non-governmental sector and virtual internship too.

The project "HEI Student Internship in NGOs - towards a functional bridge across WB (HEIntern<>NGO)" was implemented by INNOVA LAB Bitola with collaboration with the organization InlshIcla - Institute for Change and leadership Albania and representatives of Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) in the frame of  the program WeB4YES - Western Balkan Civil Society for Youth Employment Support project funded by European Union.

The European Union support for the project does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the EU cannot be held responsible or any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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