NGO Active Zone

’’Ideas for Quality-based Strategies in the Field of Youth Employment’’

Organisation's goals are in correlation with organization’s mission, vision and aims. Our goal is to make a society of well informed and educated citizens, willing to initiate changes and participate in different kinds of decision-making processes. Our goal is to have linked stakeholders (citizens, NGOs, institutions) prepared to act jointly in various cases of community problems and challenges.

"One of the main problem identified by the Local Action Plan for Youth in Cetinje in 2012. was the lack of space for youth organizations, initiatives and volunteering activities. That is when Active Zone decidet to initiate a fundraising campaign for foundation of the first of that kind – Community Centre in Montenegro. Our first strategic goal was related to that particular problem, and we succeeded to raise enough funds for reconstruction of a business property near the city center. Community Center is now a place open for all citizens, especially youth, for organizing various activities with aim to promote and affirm civic activism and non-formal education (lectures, discussions, movie projections, educational workshops, meetings etc.) Afterwards, Active Zone initiated a number of activities with aim to inform and educate young people and citizens, especially by proposing quality-based public polities and being a part of the process."

Overall objective of the project is to establish conditions for higher employability of youth in Montenegro, by quality-based mechanisms for strategic planning in the field of youth employability on local levels.Specific objectives include improved position of young people on local levels in Montenegro by improved public policies and increased level of knowledge of young people regarding the self-employment and youth entrepreneurship.


In partnership with: Institute for Business and Financial Literacy (Montenegro)

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