Deli - Space for Creative Activity

"Creativity for All"

Deli - Space for Creative Activity has been rated as a creative center not just of the city of Niš but as crative center of whole south Serbia in 2015. In past three years more than 40 enterupreneurs passed through Deli space and 12 of them registrated their companies.

"Just in 2018, more than 20.000 young people used some of programs from Deli space. In December 2018, Deli Space, together with other 24 coworking spaces from Serbia, created Serbian Coworking Association, and chair of the Association is in Deli Space, also Deli Space is recognized in the field of research of the Coworking community, and so far we had finished 3 reports of the progress of the coworking community."

Overall objective of the project is to empower young people from Nis and Tuzla in creative industries and advanced technologies, through series of education and support that they use as an employment tool during and after the project, raise awareness of 10.000 young people in Nis and Tuzla about creative industries. Increased competence for employment of over 400 young people from Niš and Tuzla, through a series of 14 education programmes (Night of Creativity), and a series of mentoring support for 6 new start-up companies from both countries throughout the project.


In partnership with: Tuzla live (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Bulevar oslobodjenja 177
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
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